Mug Shot


If you’re looking for a Made in the USA mug that can hold 15oz of sweet, sweet nectar, we’ve got one for you. This heavy duty ceramic beast is the best way to enjoy your mud Monday thru Sunday. It’s available in the web store for $14.99.

Beringer’s Birthday Suit


It’s Matt’s birthday today, and aside from rewatching all of the awesome video parts he’s put out, we figured sharing this happy snap of Beringer in his birthday suit was the best way to celebrate. Feliz Cumpleanos Cobra!

Felix Murray-Shum Wow


BMX Direct, our South African distributor, just picked up Felix Murray-Shum to rep The Shield there. Felix really puts it all on the line in this edit. Dude’s a bike basher; good thing he’s on an S&M!

The Axeman Cometh


The Ironman was chromoly, our Tuffman is aluminum and after months of putting it through the ringer, we’re amped to finally unveil the Axeman. CNC’d in the USA from Australian Buloke — widely considered the hardest and most dent-resistant wood available — the Axeman is incredibly strong and incredibly light. Brands like Tree might be offering parts in a wood grain finish, but we figured we’d go one better and bring you the real thing.

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